Statement of Doctrine

We affirm the Bible to be God’s literal revelation of truth. It is inerrant or without error or contradiction. We believe it is the duty of all Christians to seek out the will of God from His revealed truth. It therefore follows that the method of interpretation is the historical grammatical hermeneutic.
We deny any explanation of inspiration that would put into question any of the above.

We affirm the biblical revelation of the triune God. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He is one God in three coequal persons of the same substance and essence. God the Father is the first person of the Godhead. The Father is the creator of the universe, unlimited in wisdom and power, perfect and unwavering in holiness and his demand for it. God the Son exists eternally as the second person of the trinity. Being of the same essence He shares the same attributes with the Father. The Son became incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ, who was conceived of the virgin Mary by the agency of the Holy Spirit. He did not give up His deity in His incarnation but voluntarily limited the use of His divine prerogative. God the Holy Spirit is the third person of the holy trinity. Divine revelation pictures Him as involved in creation and illumination, regeneration, and sanctification. He carries out divine agenda related to the Father and the Son.
We deny any deviation from the biblical revelation of the one true God. Any non biblical perception of God amounts to idolatry.

We affirm the substitutionary and vicarious atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross for the sins of every member of the human race. The unlimited atonement of Christ becomes effectual upon personal faith exercised by the sinner as the means to receive the free gift of salvation. We further affirm that Jesus’ perfect life and sacrificial death and bodily resurrection were necessary to procure the deliverance of fallen man from his sin. All the work of atonement was accomplished by Christ and there is no possibility of man to contribute to it.
We deny any position that diminishes the sufficiency of Christ.

We affirm the bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead as His victory over sin and death in the interest of the salvation of souls. We believe the biblical record that Jesus died, and that He rose again bodily on the third day. Christ’s bodily resurrection was a first fruits resurrection guaranteeing the resurrection of believers who will follow in kind.
We deny any understanding that envisions His resurrection as anything less than a physical or bodily resurrection which would amount to defeat in His purpose to save the lost.

We affirm the church to be a New Testament and dispensational development. The church began on pentecost as described in Acts chapter two. The sign gifts authenticated the event and the ministry of the apostles as those who laid down the foundation of the church. The baptism by the Holy Spirit identifies believers with the spiritual body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the agent of illumination, regeneration, sanctification, and sealing. Baptism by immersion and the Lord's Supper are the two church ordinances. We are committed to believer’s baptism. Other modes of baptism are a direct assault upon the sufficiency of Christ.
We deny the Church to be anything other than the body of Christ which is made up of born again believers only. The church soon will be the bride of Christ when they are taken to the place prepared for them in heaven.

We affirm the literal premillennial pretribulational return of Jesus Christ. We affirm an imminent rapture, followed by seven years of tribulation, which then results in the return of Christ to set up His literal 1000 year kingdom on earth in fulfillment of the Jewish Abrahamic covenant promises.
We deny any allegorical interpretations of the Scripture that leads to a different view. Allegory as a hermeneutic has the intent to undermine the literal teaching of these events and to support unbiblical theological constructs.

We affirm that because of God’s holy justice He must punish sin. Therefore man as a fallen race is under the wrath of God and every individual must answer for sin. Every sinner is destined to face eternal retribution from God unless and until he or she repents and receives the free gift of salvation by faith as the only possible remedy for their sin.
We deny the uninformed objection that a loving God would not let anyone go to hell. God gave everything to keep the sinner out of hell. The great loving sacrifice by God for sinners proves the unfathomable depth of His love. God so loves the world that His mission to rescue sinners cost Him the life of His Son to meet His just demand for the penalty of Sin.